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No Caves today. I tried writing, made a short paragraph, and decided I just ain’t up for it today. Sucks.

I just fucking can’t. School and work took up most all of my day again, and for some reason that just sucks my soul out of me. Really doing anything at this point costs a shitton of effort, let alone doing anything productive. I don’t get how those peeps with nine-to-six (plus homework) studies can get through their day. I get to do what little work I have sitting on my ass at home and I’ve already hit my limit for the week after a single filled day. Pfff.

You know why I have the job and study I have now? Because I thought it was fucking magical, working and studying in the field you love so much it’s your hobby. Well I was dead fucking wrong. Unless I do something on my own initiative it’s just plain stupid. I don’t enjoy it, surprisingly frequently I hate it, and that really sucks, you know? It really sucks have such negative feelings in an area you used to enjoy so much.

Fuck, this probably isn’t even making any sense, there’s barely any context in here. See? My soul’s ben sucked away, I can’t even write a half-decent diary-post anymore. Damnit.

I’m out. Peace, bitches.
~ Fang

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