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01 03 14


So there’s this thing you should become familiar with.

And that thing is Gravatar. The idea behind it is actually really simple. You use the website to hook “Gravatars” (avatars) up to your email addresses. These avatars can be any image you want, and you can even give it an age rating so it will display something different on sites where your regular avatar may not be appropriate. Websites and forums can then choose to ask Gravatar for the avatar you’ve set for the email you’ve entered. This means when you want to change your online appearance, you only have to edit your Gravatar image for the email address you’re using, and bam, it’s changed everywhere!

The comments here on Fang Talks also make use of Gravatar, so I strongly recommend you make an account and hook up an email, if you haven’t already. But even if you don’t have a Gravatar for the email address you’re commenting with, it’ll still generate an image for you. Those cool seemingly random colored patterns you see some places are actually placeholders, generated using your email address. That’s pretty neat too, right?

Now for a bit of a public service announcement. As you’ll notice I implemented my custom spam protection thing. Yeah, it tells you the answer right there, but the bots don’t know that. Once you answer correctly once, it sets a cookie so it can remember that you’re not some digital douche out to ruin the comments section. I hope this’ll cut down the spam rates a bit. Eight spam comments a day really is a lot. Sadly the error it throws isn’t exactly the prettiest, it’s really hard finding documentation on throwing nicer errors.
UPDATE: Roughly fourteen hours later and still no spam comments. It works!

We’ll see!
~ Fang

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