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27 03 14

Gamedev buddies!

Oh man, I’m wanting to get back into gamedev real bad now!

There’s this cool guy in my class and project group (and he’s probably going to read this, so I better watch my words) that also seems to have an interest in game development. He’s always struck me as more of an artist, but apparently he’s really passionate about actually designing and creating entire games. After doing some project planning on Skype, we ended up going back and forth talking about game development stuff, showing off and discussing our works, ideas, and so on and so forth.

He’s pretty fresh in his gamedev career, though he already has some experience programming small game-like things. Thanks to my influence (I hope) he has also picked up LÖVE, and seems to be walking a similar path to me. Luckily, I can point out some of the pitfalls I fell in so he doesn’t have to. A huge one here is scope. Understandably, he’s already working out ideas and such for his dream game. It felt really bad knowing that the thing he’s so passionate about now is currently nothing but a distant dream. Not that I don’t believe he can do it, he just isn’t ready yet. Already talking about multiple playable roles, that kind of stuff. Oh man, fills me with nostalgia of the good ol’ days when I would add layer upon layer to my project’s scope… Only to end up giving up because it was just too much.

It’s great though. He showed some of the stuff he had already made, and it honestly wasn’t all that bad. Seems to have some artistic talent, too. And then I came, and of course, wanted to show off some of my stuff too. Took out the Mystery Dungeon project first. Though it barely has any content, it’s still a rather large piece of engineering. And it was met with a “nice!” which was really good to hear. And then I sent him the still unfinished Geometroids. (I’ll wrap that up someday, promise!) “Dude, have you seen the stars?” “Yes holy shit!” It’s great to get praise from someone who is starting to understand the work that goes into these kind of things.

On that topic, we spazzed over how awesome smaller, indie games are. How they’re such labors of love and how the end product is the developer’s version of the game, instead of the “this will sell” version (aka Call of Duty 28: Ghost Dogs). That’s a big part of why game development, even as a hobbyist, just warms my heart. Finding someone close with the same passion is great, and it’s a strong motivator. We talked about the idea of doing a monthly contest. Something along the lines of taking a game concept, executing it, and comparing the results, both code- and game-wise, so that we may learn from ourselves and each other. Great stuff!

Yeah, I really should get back to gamedev’ing.
~ Fang


  • Mark
    28/03/2014 (1:07 AM)

    Yes, yes you should. Soon enough you can be doing joint projects with the guy too. Then you can be true game making buddies.

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