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Boy oh, man oh!

We delivered that other thing yesterday, on time, so that’s good. But the bigger school project’s still here, its deadline looming on the horizon. It’s a rather frightening sight. We had a check-in meeting over Skype today, to make sure everyone was still on schedule. Most everyone was, sort of at least. But one guy has apparently left the team as he’s about to quit his study. His situation’s understandable, so no bad terms to be found here, but it still sucks a bit. Luckily his workload wasn’t all that big, so it isn’t a major hit for us. Regardless, there’s still quite a bit of work to do.

And I actually got shit done today. Already had the basis for everything standing since yesterday, so I could just plug functionality super easily. Good architecture pays off in that respect. The team members doing the front-end work, they’re less fortunate. It’s the dreaded Oracle APEX. And since we’re actually making more complicated stuff right now, it’s a fucking nightmare. I help out when I can though, so my semi-mastery over the dark arts of PL/SQL help a bit.

Working with a deadline’s pretty cool if you can actually manage to get things done in time. The added pressure’s a good motivator, so you work faster. But it can also be a huge stress factor, causing hasty, sloppy work. Either case, they may cost you your head if you don’t stick to them.

How do you guys fare under short deadlines?
~ Fang


  • 01/04/2014 (12:24 AM)

    It’s been a while since I had a deadline. To be honest I think I need them or I just won’t get things done. Setting my own deadlines doesn’t seem to work much either. Hopefully you can get it all done. You’re a badass though, so there is that.

  • 01/04/2014 (12:00 AM)

    I procrastinate a lot. But I always got shit done on time for school etc. I try figured out how much time I would need to finish something and do little bits of work before hand. And then the last day I just work all day.

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