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29 03 14

Caves, p75

Yesterday I just couldn’t do it. Today I didn’t plan for it. How will this turn out? Let’s see! (previous)

‘So, what do we do? Go after him?’ Mitchell proposed.
‘Would if we could.’ Nigel put his hands down on the table again. ‘No idea where’s gone though.’
‘Or do we?’ Mitchell pointed his finger at Nigel and moved it around for a bit as he put things together in his mind. ‘You think he’ll be out to get the wyverns, right?’ His finger now leaning against his chin, he continued. ‘And wasn’t he good at tracking things? He wouldn’t walk around randomly, hoping he gets lucky.’
Nigel made Mitchell’s point for him. ‘So we do’s he does!’ His excitement quickly dropped, however, as he realized that was ‘Easy talkin’ though.’

After asking around town, they found out the direction in which Marius had left, apparently just yesterday. As they had expected, it was the same direction the wyverns had come from and fled away to.
‘Are you… coming along?’ Mitchell asked, hinting at Nigel’s physical state.
He puffed up his chest. ‘Fit as a fucker!’ This caused Mitchell to snort with laughter, but Nigel didn’t see what was funny. ”Sides, ain’t no pals o’ mine goin’ after pals o’ mine alone.’
Mitchell shook his head. ‘Figured as much. Come on, let’s get your stuff.’

Though the duo had trouble discerning between indentations in the rock and wyvern claw marks, it quickly became obvious they were on the right track. An etched line ran across the walls. It didn’t run very deep, but was visible enough to keep track of.
‘This is from Marius’ claw-blades, isn’t it?’ Mitchell ran his fingers over the line, they picked up a small amount of metal dust.
‘Looks like.’ Nigel laughed softly. ‘Well an awful ‘splorer he is, gets lost ‘n all that. And likes a challenge.’ His chuckling ceased. ‘Blunting ’em on purpose?’
Mitchell inspected the line as it faded into the distance. ‘It’s pretty wavy, don’t think he going very fast.’

I feel like I’m really pushing my luck with the realism of this story flow though. Bluh. (next)
~ Fang


  • 31/03/2014 (4:17 PM)

    I’m not sure what you mean by pushing your luck either. I think the story flows well. You need to keep the story moving along, but at the same time, no one expects action 24/7. This is a story, after all, not an Expendables movie.

  • Mark
    31/03/2014 (11:48 AM)

    I don’t really know how you could push your luck, or if you even are. Luckily for you this story delves into fantasy which means you get to create all the rules. You get to decide what’s “real”. Just make sure it makes sense to you and you’re good.

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