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24 03 14

Caves, p74

Being productive sure is hard work! (previous)

‘Yo Mitch, ‘sup!’ Nigel greeted Mitchell as he entered the Bastion, returning from a job.
Mitchell had spent the larger part of the week doing jobs so he could pay the few debts he had. He had teamed up with Andrea for most of them, even though it was rarely necessary. Seeing as how she also had business of her own, however, they couldn’t always go out together.
Nigel was recovering quickly. Though he still wasn’t up to adventuring, he could at least get around town again. ‘How’s goin’ man?’ When he talked his skin showed some subtle signs of scarring, but you’d have to know it was there to notice it. ‘Hey, ‘member we talked ’bout Marius couple days back?’
Pulling up a chair, Mitchell nodded. ‘Yeah, is he doing any better?’ He joined Nigel at his table. The Bastion was fairly empty, and he had been sitting by himself.
‘Nope. Guy’s still bein’ weirdo.’ He shrugged. ‘No idea whaddup. Worse, he’sn’t been ’round a while now.’

‘For real?’ Mitchell leaned back in his chair and put his hands on his head. A frown formed on his face. ‘What could he possibly be up to?’
”Tis all ‘spicions, but I can guess.’ He lowered his voice a bit, even though nobody was near enough to hear anyway. ‘May be out for revenge.’
Mitchell put his hands back on the table. ‘Revenge? What for?’
‘Hear me, just guessin’.’ Nigel repeated. ‘But me thinks he’s huntin’ wyverns.’
‘Oh fuck no.’ Mitchell exclaimed, a bit too loudly. ‘Please tell me you have nothing to back that up.’
Nigel sighed. ‘Sorry Mitch, butcha wouldn’t hear me sayin’ it otherwise.’ He finished the last few drops of his drink before continuing. ‘Lives right by the western gate. Part of ‘s house broke, courtesy of a wyvern. His lil’ sis was still there. Rubble fell, leg broke.’
‘Is that…’ Mitchell hesitated. ‘Is that it?’
‘Yep. Nu’n big, but this’s Marius.’ Nigel raised his hands. ‘Sweet kid, but ain’t real bright in showin’ it.’

Woo, returning characters! Chances are we’ll be seeing more of those. Remember how y’all thought Mitchell wasn’t even coming back to Whelhaven? (By the way, Nigel’s dialogue isn’t super annoying to read, right?) (next)
~ Fang


  • Mark
    27/03/2014 (12:12 PM)

    Not super annoying to read no, it just makes me feel social guilt because I picture him as a giant black man. Woo crazy people!

    • 27/03/2014 (3:35 PM)

      >a giant black man
      My sides. Sure he’s a bit buff, but if he wasn’t working out his build would be on the scrawny side. Not to mention he has ginger hair. (That may or may not be canon. Who knows?)

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