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20 03 14

Caves, p73

So much to write, so much to do. So little time, these rhymes are through. (previous)

‘I don’t know what it is.’ Mitchell answered when Andrea asked him why he wasn’t feeling that great. ‘I mean, what’s there to bother me?’ He absentmindedly started splashing the water with his hands. ‘Sure it has its ups and downs, but life here’s pretty good. Still so much for me to discover, every day’s exciting.’ He pushed one of his fingers up above the water’s surface. A thick layer of it stuck to his finger. ‘See, I even got all these cool powers and everything.’ He let go of the water and splashed it around some more, before laying his head on Andrea’s shoulder. ‘Not to mention I can be with you.’
She smiled and let her head rest on his. ‘Together-time’s the best time, right?’

‘But if everything’s so great,’ Andrea went back to Mitchell’s problem. ‘Then what got you feeling down?’
‘That’s the thing, I don’t know.’ He let out a sigh, and relaxed his body as he did. ‘Everything’s taken care of. Warren won’t make his stupid moves, gemergy is starting to get accepted, and I don’t think the wyverns will be back soon.’ He slid down a little bit, dipping his chin into the water and forcing Andrea to reposition herself. ‘Yet something’s just nagging at me.’
‘Mitch, relax.’ She swung her legs onto his lap. ‘All that’s been happening in little time. You’re probably just burnt out or something.’
‘Probably.’ He nodded and put his arm around Andrea when she shifted closer. ‘Thanks, I needed that.’
She giggled. ‘I got a good, cheesy line to go with that, but you’ll just crack up.’
Mitchell’s curiosity was piqued, and a subtle grin already appearing on his face. ‘Well?’
‘Okay okay,’ she calmed her giggles. ‘Here goes.’ She stroked her hair back, blinked slowly and said ‘Need this too?’ Her face moved closer to Mitchell’s, slowing down when their noses were almost touching.
Mitchell turned his head slightly and came closer as well. Right before their lips made contact, he whispered. ‘Hilarious.’

Wow, that sure was a mostly meaningless (and disappointingly short) part. Or was it? Seriously though, feedback on this one would be very much appreciated. Shit’s hard yo. (next)
~ Fang


  • 21/03/2014 (5:37 PM)

    I haven’t been on your blog for ages! I’m liking this new blog design and the colour choice. Keep up the good work! :)

    • 21/03/2014 (11:50 PM)

      Thanks! Good to see you back and active in the Blogosphere again!

  • 21/03/2014 (2:36 PM)

    Character building isn’t meaningless. Neither is the prospect of finding love and getting laid. Even the bravest of heroes need a little nookie here and there. Good scene with some cutesy (in a good way) dialogue between the characters.

    • 21/03/2014 (3:11 PM)

      Fist pump. Mission accomplished then.

  • Mark
    21/03/2014 (12:45 AM)

    WHAT WON’T THE WYVERNS DO SOON? WHAT? Seriously though, there’s a word missing there. I think this suits “AND THEN THEY ALL FUCKED!” better than the last part.

    • 21/03/2014 (6:47 AM)

      The wyverns won’t be tapdancing soon.

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