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16 03 14

Caves, p72

Okay. Deep breathing. Here I go. (previous)

‘And here we are!’ Andrea waved her arm in the air as if she was putting the location on display. ‘Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?’
They had arrived at her secret spot. Though having to navigate past various obstacles Andrea had set up to keep the place hidden had really tired them out, it was well worth it. In front of them laid what could be best described as a small paradise. The cave wasn’t particularly large, but the sunstones scattered throughout it shone with a bright yet warm light, giving the area a very cozy feeling. Towards the back there was a sizable body of water, fed by a small waterfall coming from the wall.
‘Sure does!’ Mitchell walked forward, his head turning to inspect the place. ‘Kinda warm here, too.’
‘Sweet huh?’ Andrea took a small dash to catch up with him. ‘Try touching the floor!’
He followed her suggestion, but jerked his arm back when his fingertips touched the rock. ‘It’s warm…’ He put his hand back down, this time knowing what to expect. He smiled. ‘Underfloor heating.’

‘You wanted to relax, this is the perfect spot.’ She grinned as she took off her gear and dumped it on the rocks. ‘Just keep it a secret, ‘kay?’ She winked at Mitchell and proceeded to strip down to her underwear. When she noticed he wasn’t doing the same, she blushed a little. ‘The pool’s waiting dude.’
Mitchell snapped from his dazed state and awkwardly followed suit. Once he was in his boxers, the shameless soldier visibly saluting and all, Andrea grabbed his hand. ‘Come on, dive in!’
The water’s edge was really shallow, but a couple steps in it quickly deepened until they both could only keep their heads above water when standing. ‘Oh man, it’s just the right temperature.’ Mitchell commented.

The two floated around with their arms locked for a while, simply enjoying each other’s presence, until Mitchell found a bench-like rock formation underwater and sat down.
”Sup?’ Andrea asked when she noticed the way he was staring at the ceiling. ‘You feeling alright?’
‘Yeah, I-‘ He halted himself. ‘No, I’m not.’

And then they made out. The end. (next)
~ Fang


  • 17/03/2014 (5:05 PM)

    Nice pad. I like the description of it a lot. I really like the casual way you handled this encounter. I got kick out of the “shameless soldier saluting and all.”

    Good episode!

  • 17/03/2014 (3:32 PM)

    Ha, she talks to him like such a bro. Sup dude? Sup? You alright, dude? Not that that’s a bad thing.

    Also, “the shameless soldier visibly saluting” may be one of the best descriptions you’ve ever written. Bravo.

  • Mark
    17/03/2014 (12:31 PM)

    AND THEN THEY ALL FUCKED. I have never, and I mean, EVER, heard a boner referred to quite like that. One tiny mistake; you said “him” when you meant “his”.

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