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12 03 14

Caves, p71

Not too much time for this, let’s hope I can rush it without making it read that way. (previous)

‘No thanks, not feeling up to that yet.’ Mitchell declined Roy’s offer of “all rounds on me”. He really wasn’t sure if he could handle a night of drinking right now, but that wasn’t his only reason for saying no. He just wanted to have some time away from the craze of what had turned into the average day of life. ‘Hey.’ He turned to Andrea after exiting the Bastion. ‘Want to hang out somewhere?’
‘Whatcha got in mind?’ One could tell from her tone that she already had her “yes” ready.
He shrugged. ‘Just find a nice spot to wind down and relax, I guess.’
She mulled it over in her head. Not whether to come with him, but where to go. ‘I think I know a nice spot for that!’

‘Sure you won’t be taking your gear?’ Andrea voiced her concern as she equipped herself with the usual satchels.
‘Nah. Can’t think of anything bad that could happen.’
‘You know that sounds super stupid, right?’ She giggled. ‘You’re bringing bad stuff on yourself that way.’
‘Hasn’t been enough of it, eh?’ He joked. ‘Seriously though, I’ll be fine. Got you with me, so that helps.’ Their chat lulled before Mitchell picked it up again. ‘So what place you got in mind?’
Andrea rolled open a map of the caves. “Central 1” it was labelled. It looked pretty complicated, probably because it had to account for caves overlapping vertically. ‘Here.’ She pointed to an area not too far from the center of the map, which seemed represent Whelhaven. ‘It’s near to the forest we went to with Derrik.’ Upon closer inspection, Mitchell noticed that while most areas had a little name written over them, the one Andrea pointed to wasn’t marked. She noticed his slightly confused face, and elaborated. ‘Reported it as being empty, nothing of interest. But secretly it’s way better!’

Rushed, terribly written and painfully short. I feel kind of bad for this, but delaying it another day wouldn’t have been much better I fear. The fact that it’s mostly conversations again isn’t helping either. (next)
~ Fang


  • 13/03/2014 (2:55 PM)

    You’re a great writer but a bad pitchman. Don’t tell people what you just wrote is terrible! Come on, that’s Writers 101!

    This came out just fine. Will a gratuitous sex scene follow? If not… why?

    • 13/03/2014 (5:18 PM)

      I thought I dropped the whole self-hating shtick a while ago, but it’s a habit that’s hard to let go of. (Good thing I don’t have publishers to worry about though.)
      Man, you and Mark got your hopes up, I’m not sure if I can deliver. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull of lemon-esque writing, and even the more subtle stuff’s going to give me a hard time. I’ll see where the story takes me.

  • Mark
    13/03/2014 (12:30 PM)

    I want to say that if you have no time, then you have no time, but I think this was fine Fang. You did a good job. Looking forward to the mushy goodness of the next chapter. If there isn’t any, then I guess we’ll have to start the fanfiction early.

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