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08 03 14

Caves, p70

Saturday? More like Cavurday! Get it, huh, yeah? No? Terrible? …Yeah. (previous)

‘You used gemergy.’ Warren repeated. ‘Continue?’
‘As demonstrated, it’s a powerful aid in fighting off monsters, and not just wyverns.’ Mitchell casually directed some of his energy to his face, making his scar light up a bit. ‘I also have reason to believe that, in the right hands, it has a number of other useful applications.’ As he breathed out the last of his breath, he let the energy flow naturally again.
Warren was now leaning forward in his chair. His curiosity has been piqued, but his face told something was still bothering him. ‘That still leaves the original problem. It may not affect you, but the stuff’s still harmful to most life here.’
Mitchell took some time to recall the solution he had thought up for this. ‘If anyone gets affected, I will personally help them handle it.’ He paused, not sure if he should add his next sentence. ‘I can even teach people how to use it.’
Warren cleared his throat as he mulled the offer over in his mind. ‘That’s possible?’
‘Hey,’ Andrea stepped in. ‘The two of us are still alive, so sure!’

The next few minutes consisted of Warren flipping through his papers, browsing some of the books he had laying around. ‘Fine.’ He said. ‘Good enough. I’ll leave the caves open for now.’ Mitchell let out a sigh of relief, but couldn’t finish as Warren interrupted him. ‘However!’ Their eyes locked. ‘However, one little accident and I won’t hesitate to close it up.’
This caused Mitchell to tense up a little. He had to move real careful from now on. Still, it was a victory nonetheless. ‘Understood, thanks.’
‘Before you leave,’ Warren started again, despite the two not even having started getting up. ‘One more thing. These wyverns, think they’ll come back?’
It took Mitchell a second to realize the question wasn’t rhetorical. ‘Uh, no. I don’t think so.’
‘I don’t want you tracking them down now, but if they return, they shouldn’t leave anymore.’ He wrung his hands together slightly nervously. ‘If they ever pose a threat again, I want ’em all gone.’
A nervous laugh escaped Mitchell. He didn’t feel too good about killing the creatures, if he was even capable. An ‘Okay.’ was all he could manage.

Not feeling too great about this one. Doesn’t flow very well, does it? Let me know! (next)
~ Fang


  • 10/03/2014 (7:56 PM)

    I think it flows just fine. The only thing I have to wonder is if ‘critters’ is the best word of choice up above. When I think of critters I think of squirrels and mice. Tiny nuisance animals. And sure, gemergy can probably dispatch squirrels just fine, but so can a spatula. Maybe something like creatures would fit better?

  • Mark
    10/03/2014 (1:30 PM)

    I think it went fine, don’t worry about it. Typical leader; if you want them to like something, give them some military applications. If we could put a weapon on Mars we’d be there by now.

  • 09/03/2014 (8:51 AM)

    I see some disagreement ahead about the fate of the wyverms. I wonder if it will erupt in fighting – faction against faction?

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