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04 03 14

Caves, p69

Whoops, completely forgot today was Caves day again. There goes the rest of my night. (previous)

‘Come on Mitch, don’t dwell on it.’ Andrea threw her arm over Mitchell’s shoulder and tugged him closer. ‘He said he’ll be fine!’
The two had left Nigel and were now heading for the Bastion. Despite having spent some quality time with Nigel and seeing how he wasn’t too down about the accident, Mitchell still felt rather guilty. ‘What if he doesn’t heal up nicely? His skin’ll look like shit forever.’
‘Dude please.’ The pitch of her voice dropped to a lower, jokingly serious tone. ‘Looked in a mirror lately?’ She quickly followed up with a laugh, but only got a forced smile out of him. ‘Sorry, uncalled for.’ A pause, then she continued. ‘Still, he could’ve been off worse, and he’s a guy who can deal.’
Mitchell mustered a ‘yeah’, but there still wasn’t very peppy. ‘Guess I shouldn’t think about it too much.’
‘That’s the spirit! And we’re almost there.’ Andrea’s arm had dropped to Mitchell’s side, and with their steps in synch, hugged him with it. ‘Show some smiles and let’s bring some news!’

It was busy inside the Bastion. The job board seemed more crowded than usual and people going in and out constantly. Mitchell’s entrance was met with a lot of cheers and applause. The hero was quick to dismiss the praise he got though, as he made his way to Warren’s office. He could hear the title “Monster Slayer Mitch” be thrown around a fair number of times, but wasn’t sure if he liked people viewing him this way.
Before even knocking, Andrea swayed the office’s door wide open and stepped inside. She wanted to shout something cool, but couldn’t think of anything appropriate in time. ‘Warren, we got news!’
The man was hunched over his paperwork, but pushed most of it aside when he saw who entered. ‘I’d tell you to come in, but you already are.’ he joked. ‘Take your seats.’

‘You’ve seen, right?’ Andrea was eager to get this started. ‘How Mitchell beat those wyverns up?’
Warren nodded. ‘Impressive. Very risky, but impressive. Made yourself quite the name for that.’ He quickly sifted through some of his papers. ‘Dragon Tamer? Monster Slayer? Hah, Wyvern Wizard. People know you’re hot stuff.’
Mitchell kicked Andrea for snickering at the last mentioned name. ‘Wouldn’t say I’m happy with that, but I’ll live.’
‘You don’t seem like the kind to let fame get the best of you.’ Warren agreed. ‘But… How did you do it? Was some punch you gave that thing.’
‘That’s what we wanted to talk about actually.’ He leaned forward ever so slightly. ‘I used gemergy.’

It really helped that I have a decent idea of where this part and the next are heading, so I didn’t waste a lot of time trying things out here. ~45 minutes, pretty decent. (next)
~ Fang


  • 06/03/2014 (6:10 PM)

    ^^ But Wyvernshout sounds kinda lame. :(

    This was excellent. Glad to hear our hero hasn’t let anything get to his head. Also, “beat up a wyvern” is an impressive item to add to anyone’s resume.

    My nitpick, last sentence. I believe “He leaned forward every so slightly.” should be “He leaned forward ever so slightly.”

    -Sir GrammarTamer

  • Mark
    06/03/2014 (3:03 PM)

    Yeah this was a pretty good job Fang. I don’t know which of those badass nicknames I’d rather have. Can I just be all of them? Wait, wyverns aren’t dragons. He can’t be called Dragon Tamer. I saw someone actually have that complaint about Skyrim that technically the dragons were wyverns.

  • 05/03/2014 (6:59 PM)

    I like this. It is easy reading and gives the characters more depth.

    The last line is perfect. It is just enough suspense to make me look forward to the next episode.

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