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30 03 14

Browser plugins

They fuck shit up yo.

Know what’s frustrating? Spending a solid hour figuring out why my code (for the Reader) isn’t working, when all the time the problem wasn’t even my fault. Some thing I programmed in just wouldn’t happen for some reason. Tried this, that. Nothing. Placed it here, there. Oh. It only runs if it doesn’t involve clicking a button, weird. I had been noticing the occasional “deprecated function” warning in the console, too. But I wasn’t calling that function, now was I? Hell, that ain’t even the version of jQuery I’m using. Where does that error come from?

So I traced that old jQuery version back to a browser plugin. It was loading that old version and for reasons still unknown, trying to do things whenever I clicked buttons (made an event happen). Disabled the plugin, and everything was working just fine. God damnit.
I’m not even going to go into the question of how a plugin can butch up my own scripts so badly, that’s a headache I’m not looking forward to. But I am going to say this: be mindful of what browser plugins you install. Fishy-looking developer? Nope, don’t do it. Plugin hasn’t been updated in a year? Don’t even think about touching it with a twenty-foot stick, that shit will screw you over.

I have certainly learned my lesson. The lesson to always keep the JavaScript console open when working with related things. You never know when you’re getting weird warnings that shouldn’t break your stuff, but do so anyway. Oh, yeah, and don’t trust plugins unless you’re 100% sure they’re okay.

Ain’t no party like a third party? Nah, I’ll show myself out now.
~ Fang


  • 31/03/2014 (11:46 PM)

    Oh the glories of debugging programming. I’ll have to keep the java script console in mind but I haven’t done much programming in a while. Maybe making some Android apps would be interesting.

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