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13 03 14

Blog flexibility

Flexes Blogonaut muscles, the audience swoons.

I really like the flexibility a self-hosted install of WordPress gives. After using goodle ol’ Blogger for over three years, it feels like I’m some guy who suddenly got rich and moved from a stolen port-o-potty to a cliffside castle. I can swing my arms around, do whatever the hell I want, modify everything if I ever so desire. It’s great! A couple weeks back I implemented my own anti-spam measure which works extremely well (nothing slips through), and just now I spiced up the category pages with a little description, the Caves one even providing a convenient link to the first part!

This creative freedom, oh man. I’ve gone on about this before, but seriously, nothing beats being able to bend things to your very will. Sure, having technical know-how on how to program those things yourself helps (and is super fun), but apparently “there’s a plugin for that”, too. Absolutely hate that mentality, but hey, if you absolutely insist on not learning some of the most useful and “there’s a job offer for that” skills these days, then that’s your choice. wink

Wondering what else I want to add to or change about the blog. I remember having big plans, but man, the move itself was pretty big, wasn’t it? (The fact that this place now looks sleeker than ever is a really big deal, too.) There’s definitely plans in the works, though. I still need to finish Geometroids (sound and art and tweaking, bluh) and then move on to Pong Champions. But those’ll both be a long time I fear. Somewhat closer but still distant is the RSS reader I’m working on. Don’t have to much time for it with the school project being a bit of an attention-whore right now, but I think I can get something nice going. It’s going to be a Seriously Simple Reader for RSS and other feeds. SSRRSS, if you will. Who knows, someday there may even be options to turn it into a Somewhat Sophisticated or even Super Sexy Reader, but that’s for years in the future.

Who knows how many.
~ Fang


  • 14/03/2014 (7:08 AM)

    Certainly looks sleeker than my blog. I’ve made no efforts to change the layouts or even the background colour since I started.

    • 14/03/2014 (10:18 AM)

      You should! Great fun, and leaves you with something to be proud of!

  • Mark
    14/03/2014 (3:33 AM)

    The thing is, I would learn valuable programming skills that would no doubt result in me being infinitely smarter and more hire-able, but if I did then you’d have more competition and I might even risk putting you out of a job. I just can’t handle that kind of guilt.

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