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Is that a short joke?

Writing this post in one of the first non-school and non-work things I do today. Hot damn.

I’m going on one of these kind of rants again. “Fuck the system”, “hipster points”, all that good stuff. It really irks me how one has to conform to every single social convention if they want as good a shot at making it in this society as the average go-getter Joe. A guest speaker that lectured us last week said it was basically a necessity, especially for IT folks, to have a nice LinkedIn profile. And how having an unprofessional photo as your Facebook profile picture will reflect badly upon the company you’re working for.

Look, I understand this whole “company’s image” mentality, so I’m not going to be attacking that too much here (even though I want to). Instead, I’ll be addressing the source of the problem. People should just stop judging. Just because that guy has a large tattoo on his neck doesn’t mean he won’t be able to adequately assist you with your finances. Yeah, he does something that’s outside of your norm, so what? Big fucking deal.

Or, to pull up a popular example, not having a smartphone. Just because everyone has one these days, doesn’t mean you need to force it onto the few who don’t. I, for example, don’t feel like I’ll gain much from a device that’ll end up costing me hands full of money. People find it weird, think I should stop being stubborn and just get one. Trust me, I have my reasons!

I think in the end the world’s just full of judge-happy assholes. Swimming against the current isn’t a sin, it’s a skill. And apparently you need some damn strong muscles for it these days.

Little rants like these sure feel good after a long and tiring day. Fun fact, I went through three packs of tissues today. Runny as fuck nose.
~ Fang


  • 16/03/2014 (7:50 AM)

    You can chose the game you play, but you can’t change the rules.

    That’s how the world works I’m afraid. :(

  • 16/03/2014 (7:43 AM)

    You hit nerve with this one. I’ve been ranting about this for years. I am generally an optimist about the future but the trend for the last several years has been conform, conform, conform.

    Everyone is so concerned about the gov’t spying on us, taking away our rights, controlling us. Ha! What the gov’t does is peanuts compared to what corporations do. Without a job you don’t eat and you don’t get a job without a Linkedin profile or at least fit some corporation’s idea of how you need to look, act and talk. And hey, spying? Try to navigate anywhere on the internet without a dozen bots tracking you and recording it forever. The smartphones? I don’t have one but I’m sure they are perfectly capable of tracking your physical movements anywhere and yanking your chain whenever they feel like it. If you ignore the call, they’ll just text you.

    • 16/03/2014 (4:14 PM)

      Now, don’t go downplaying the importance of privacy and all that. But yeah, agreed. Good to hear there’s other souls who think similarly!

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