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One particular individual wanted more “struggles” posts, and I don’t believe I’ve written about my wide array of allergies yet, so why the fuck not.

I’m allergic. To lots of things. It all started when I was, what, five years old? Played with the neighbor’s cat before school, and once there people noticed I had really red eyes and was a bit sniffy. A trip to the doctor later, and it’s concluded I’m allergic to cats. Fast-forward a couple years, I go in for a full-blown “what’s the problem” test to see what animals I’m allergic to, because it’s becoming extremely obvious it isn’t just cats. They give me about eight injections in my arm, I wait a couple minutes, and oh my, they’re all swollen up and itchy as fuck. What’s that mean? I’m allergic to pretty much anything with hair. Being in the same room with something furry will be a painful experience unless I’ve taken my medicine and some rigorous vacuuming has been done. Real fucking shit it is.

Did I mention all that comes atop my hay fever? Got that checked out too, and I’m allergic to all pollen they could test me for. All of them. That means it’s bothering me almost all year round. Super fun! It’s possible that a pollen allergy flares up an allergy to apples, and guess what I’m also allergic to? Eating an apple swells up my throat a bit and makes it feel all uncomfortable. And even the tiniest wound on my lip causes the same effect there. Got this very mildly with strawberries as well. God damnit.

I don’t really care for the fruits (though I’d love to eat an apple right now), and I’ve learned to live with my hay fever, but my animal allergy is just something I cannot deal with. I’m no fan of cats, and rabbits are honestly pretty lame pets, but dogs man. Dogs are the best, but I can’t even casually interact with them and live to tell the tale if I don’t disinfect my entire being right after. I’d love to have a dog as a pal later on in life, but unless one of the magic cure therapies (which there are, sorta) works out perfectly, that ain’t going to happen. Seeing people have fun with their best four-legged buds triggers a bitter mix of happy and sad in me. I’ve come to call the phenomenon Dog Envy. And it fucking sucks.

May have accidentally typed “gay fever” during the making of this post.
~ Fang


  • Mark
    04/03/2014 (1:21 PM)

    Dude it sucks you can’t get a pet. I couldn’t have a dog at home because my brother was afraid, and I couldn’t get a cat because my mum was allergic. We eventually got a dog as a puppy which unfortunately died before it could get all it’s shots. When I moved in with my dad, we got some cats from my sister. I have hay fever, so I know that pain, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand the pain of pet allergies.

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