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Not all of that is good stuff per se, but at least it’s moving… forward?

Deep sigh, of relief this time. Looks like, as of yesterday’s post, the RSS feed has started functioning again. Apparently Blogger automatically signed my blog up for a FeedBurner feed, which was mighty convenient now as it allowed me to keep the same FeedBurner URL, but hook it up to a different source feed. Yeah, FeedBurner is a Google product, but it’s stopping some major headaches and sleepless nights, so I’m sticking with it for now.
As for the other move issues, namely the comment spam, I’m currently working on a home-made solution that should be super convenient for you folks. Hope y’all are okay with me setting a cookie so the site known you’re good folk?

Also, my break ended today as school started once again. Can’t say I’m awfully excited about that, there’s already a couple of assignments piling up, but those’ll be done in due time. For now I’m going to enjoy focus on enjoying my much needed Tuesday off, and crying over having to get up at 6 AM on Wednesday for some stupid “just present some random stuff from this and that” presentation. They say that way the class will be able to provide feedback. But we depend on solid good feedback, from the teachers, on everything! We’ll have to try our best to get by with what we get, I guess.

And some article I read convinced me to (finally) get a local test server running, so I can fiddle with things even when I don’t have internet access. Not to mention I don’t need to bother setting up online test environments and uploading every single change I make and all that hassle. This’ll make developing most things a whole lot easier. I’ll keep you updated on the stuff that’s relevant. (Which is to say, probably very little.)

Let’s see if I can get the spambots to stop before the “spam comment” counter reaches 50. I fear I won’t at this rate.
~ Fang


  • Mark
    25/02/2014 (2:21 AM)

    Woo for making things go easier and killing spam. You can’t beat a good spam filter. Unfortunately mine occasionally catches comments that aren’t spam. They aren’t perfect. I don’t know how WordPress (or whatever) handles them naturally though. Good luck with that.

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