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Having moved away from Blogger, I no longer have my RSS feeds at the dashboard page of my blog. An alternative was needed.

I found my alternative in Feedreader, an online RSS feed reader. (Well, duh, no shit.) It’s simple and effective, free, and most important to me: works straight in my web browser. It looks really sleek, has a nice category system, and lets you decide which of the feeds offered by a site you’re going to subscribe to. Sounds pretty good, right? Yeah…
Well, it sort of is. Unfortunately I have found it’s really slow when it comes to updating the feeds. It’s like it only checks for new entries once every few days. And since up-to-dateness is essentially a requirement of readers, it’s not cutting the cake as well as I had initially hoped. Damn shame.

So I’m in the market for an alternative to Feedreader. I’ve already seen Inoreader, which doesn’t seem like my cup of tea. Ideally all the reader does is show me article titles, dates, and have them link to the page it originated from. I don’t even need to read them inline, I visit them on their native site most of the time anyway. Categories would be cool for keeping my shit organized. Yeah, something clean and simple would be good.

Hell, I could probably make something like that myself. How does “FangReader: sharp and to the point” sound? (Not even kidding though, this may be a nice way to get myself into web apps.)
~ Fang


  • 27/02/2014 (6:21 AM)

    Liking the new blog so far. Looks a lot more sleek and modern compared to the old one.

    And that one looked much better than the old green thing you used to have. Yes, I still remember that one.

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