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Most things under now make use of Open Web Analytics for keeping usage statistics.

Blogger has a built-in statistics service, but WordPress doesn’t, so I needed Analytics software to use after the move. Google Analytics is great and all, but it’s, well, Google’s product, and the data captured is also theirs, you never have full control over it. Did some searching around for alternatives, and finally stumbled upon OWA. As the name subtly implies, it’s open source software, and is installed and run by the user (website admin), not some large company. So while I do keep track of some of your usage statistics (what pages you view, visit duration, etc.) I also have full control over them and don’t have to share them with anyone. I value your privacy as much as mine, I swear!

Though it hasn’t seen a substantial amount of visits come through yet, it’s already looking pretty sleek. I can easily keep track of what pages are visited, how often, where 404 errors occur, how long people hang around, and so on. Live viewing of where people ar eon my website is kind of lacking, but eh, can’t have everything right? It’s an improvement over the built-in Blogger stuff and a nice alternative to Google Analytics. I would recommend it, if you’re looking for visitor statistics software.

Oh man, gotta get up so early tomorrow. Not looking forward to that mental challenge.
~ Fang

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