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27 02 14

Not today, sorry

Had a really long day today, so no new Caves. I’ll have one tomorrow though!

Man oh man, this fucking school project. Well, it’s not necessarily the project itself. Let me back up here. Yesterday was the last day of the first phase of the project. We, as a team, had to present all the “products” (read: documentation) we had made so far and explain a bit of our reasoning so that, and I quote, “students and teachers can provide you with feedback”. Hell yes, feedback, that is exactly what we were needing since we weren’t super sure on quite a number of things.
Turns out it was way more than “quite a number of things”. We had to strip naked, bend over, and take a giant meaty dick up our butts for all the class to see.

At least, that’s what it felt like.
This one teacher, let’s call him J, he basically tore apart everything we’d worked on so far. He wasn’t angry at us for having such apparently terrible products. Or maybe he was, but at least he didn’t show it. What he was, however, was a giant asshole about it. He barraged us with questions which we often couldn’t answer, half of the time not ever sure if the question was part of his tirade or actually directed at us. As the team leader I eventually took it upon myself to swallow my pride and admit we didn’t have all the answers for him. He didn’t do much to respond to that, and just continued on. And on. And on. For well over half an hour we had to stand there and take a calm and collected but nonetheless painful beating.
Don’t get me wrong, he was right to shoot down most of our work like that, but the way he did it felt really harsh. He didn’t have much good to say about the other groups either, but ours was by far his longest session.

So afterwards and today we spent a lot of time improving our stuff, taking his “feedback” into account. We’re not sure if the stuff he didn’t cover as “terrible” was good. Actually, he didn’t even mention a single thing anyone had done well. What was that thing about balanced feedback, again?
But eh, we got most of it patched up by now, but there’s still some work left to do. I just want it to be weekend already so I can start work on my custom RSS reader.

Can’t do that now, gotta head to bed soon. Rising at 6 AM again, boo fucking hoo.
~ Fang


  • Mark
    28/02/2014 (2:19 AM)

    And this is why school shootings happen. Seriously though, it really sucks that happened. Balanced feedback is important. Tearing people to pieces is for the military, not for school.

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