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As much as it is a collection of little scraps of the day, if that’s even worth something.

Finding decent guides on WordPress theming sure is hard. Because of its popularity, there is a lot of information aimed at the “what are computers” Average Joe. Sure the WordPress codex is a great source and contains all the information I need, but it doesn’t tell me how to effectively use that information. And as said, most I find on the internet is a bunch of, use this existing theme, modify that, use this fancy editor so you have to do nothing by hand. But I want, no, need to get my hands dirty! Luckily tuts+ came to the rescue with a series on exactly what I need, converting a pure HTML page into a WordPress theme. Time to get this moving!

That said, there hasn’t been much motion yet. Spent a large part of my day relaxing (again), and played some games of League with friends. Pretty crazy stuff, one game I’m a 9-0-16 support, the other we have an enemy team composed of entirely ADCs. Needless to say, we won both and had a great time with it.

Sure it was super fun and all, but I really am not spending my time wisely. All I’ve done this weekend was some minor assignments for school and patching a couple of documents up. Geometroids hasn’t seen a commit in almost a month now and, as I mentioned, the move to WordPress isn’t progressing particularly speedy either. I did get some more feedback on the new design, and am comfortable enough with it to make it public at this point. Doesn’t mean I will though, you’ll have to be patient and wait ’til my lazy ass gets to making it the real deal.

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Buckle up, Monday’s right around the corner!
~ Fang


  • 10/02/2014 (5:46 PM)

    Now I’m really curious to see this WordPress overhaul. How intensive are we talking here? Interactive flash? Scrolling banners? Moving backgrounds?

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