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18 02 14

Not a chance

Imagine a world where all events of chance would yield consistent results.

Flipping a coin would always give tails. Rolling a die would always show one pip. When playing Bingo, the same numbers would get drawn over and over again. The lottery would always have the same winning numbers and every shuffled deck of cards would deal the same hands. Every time a computer is asked to generate random nonsense, it would spew out something identical to all results before it.
Flipping coins and rolling dice would be pointless. Bingo would be even more boring, the lottery wouldn’t exist and card games would merely be a monotonous way to pass the time. The average replayability of computer games would be much lower and discovering buried content on websites would be a bit harder.

Trying to influence results would be futile. And why would you, anyway? Coins landing tails would be a fact of life, an accepted constant. Changing that would be like breaking the universe, altering the very fabric of reality. There’d be a few saying it should, theoretically, be possible to roll six with a die. They would try, construct special contraptions, and fail. They’d quickly become the laughing stock of the world. They’d bet it all on red and, as predicted, they’d lose it all to the universal constant of black.

Now imagine a world where all events of chance would yield inconsistent results. Feeling lucky yet?
~ Fang


  • 19/02/2014 (10:23 AM)

    I’d only feel lucky if I could manipulate these events myself.

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