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Not to mention we got a sexy new look going here!

It looks like the changes have propagated all through the internet, so I think the move is more or less done! I’ll be making small adjustments over the coming days, mostly relating to performance, but you won’t see anything of that other that slightly faster pageload times.
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Looks pretty sleek, a lot cleaner than the previous design. I think it’s a nice improvement, but how do you like it?

Mostly all links in the posts have been fixed to work correctly with the “new” URL format and all your comments have been ported over as well. The new comment form is a bit different from what you’re used to, but don’t worry, it’ll remember your input so you don’t have to type your name and email every time you comment. (Email’s used to display Gravatar images.)
Regarding the RSS feed, I hope that for some magical reason your readers have all picked up the correct one already. If not, the RSS can be found here. (It’s also linked in the footer, in case you haven’t noticed.) Add that one to your reader if it has stopped picking up the new posts.
UPDATE: I am now redirecting any requests of the old feed to the new one. Hopefully this will help a bit with the adoption. I still strongly encourage you to add “” to your reader as the feed for my blog!

Feedback would be much appreciated, and if you happen to find anything buggy it’d be great if you could shoot me an email. I tested it in most modern browser, and it works perfect to okay in all, except of course Internet Explorer. There is a rare issue with headers and such being shifted up a little bit. If you’re experiencing this, email me! Haven’t been able to find the source of the problem yet.

Oh and DWei, I don’t use plugins, everything’s home-made, so I don’t need to worry about updates!
~ Fang

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