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Productive vibes flowing all over, dude.

Man oh man. The WordPress blag is making some great progress, currently into the tiny details of the theme, fine-tuning it to do what feels right and ironing out some of the kinks that come with the otherwise pretty cool WordPress. (Though, I have to admit, the community kind of sucks. I see people asking serious questions on how to accomplish things on their own, and then people go “geez just download this or that widget”. Nothing gets my blood boiling like telling a DIY developer to stop doing what he loves.) Still haven’t picked a statistics tracker. I don’t really want to go with Google Analytics, since the move to WP is, in part, me distancing me from Google, if only by a small step. The alternatives are all either so-so or “pay to use normally” though.

Not that it’s stopping me, I’ll just keep plowing on! Not getting distracted while working is hard, but even that can end up being a good thing sometimes. Yeah yeah, I’ll finish FT4 first, then move back to Geometroid which is way overdue for some polish and a release. If I can stay focussed on the goals I set up, Pong Champions is next as networking practice. But once that’s out of the way, all bets are off! I’m becoming interested in WebGL (for making games that run in your browser!), and I’ve got a web app idea or two I’d like to work on as well. Haven’t settled on how I want to make that though, so there’s a bunch of research to be done!

I’ve even considered trying my hand at some iOS development, but shied away at the thought of paying for a developer’s license (so I can put things in the App Store). Hell, I don’t even have a decent device to test things on (if the simulators included with Xcode aren’t enough)! A bit closer to home, I’m eager to mess around with graphics, namely screensavers and music visualization. We’ll see if I’m still interested in that by the time I get around to it!

~ Fang

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