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Found this some time ago, but haven’t let you guys known yet. is a simple, single-purpose website. Enter an email address or username, and see if the data associated with it has been leaked in a data breach. Though there’s only nine breaches in their database, they keep it up-to-date as new leaks happen. Mighty convenient, and a good indicator to know what passwords are still safe to use, or if you should change some. (Remember kids, don’t re-use the same password everywhere!)

They have an API for accessing a list of “pwns” for a given username or email address. Have written a script which runs daily, checks if I’ve been leaked in something new. But apparently they now also offer a similar service. Just enter your email, and you’ll be notified if it pops up in their database.

I know it’s not exactly the most interesting site, but for internet security it’s the little things that count. Here’s hoping this makes people a little more aware that it isn’t always all roses and sunshine.
Also, let’s make special note that over 95% of the “pwned” accounts come from Adobe. That’s a shitton of accounts I’ll let you know! Bet there were some email-password combinations that could be used to validly sign into PayPal and the likes. Fun stuff.

Stay safe,
~ Fang

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