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You just lost it

It’s been a day now since Fang Talks got moved over to WordPress, new design and all. So far, the move’s actually been kind of painful.

It feels like an abandoned city here. Tons of posts, but nobody seems to be around anymore. I blame RSS feed issues, though by now I’ve done a lot to fix those. One small bright spot is that I still get comments. So far I’ve gotten four already! …All spambots. Seems like the WordPress comment form is much more vulnerable to their exploits. Makes sense, since (I believe) the Blogger ones need to have you logged in. Really need to add something to protect me against those darn things, since I hate getting excited when I see that “Comments (1)”, only to see it’s just another lifeless husk making its way through my website.

Deep sigh. I hope things will start picking up again soon. I even went and set up Open Web Analytics, a fancy open-source alternative to Google Analytics. It runs on my own server, so we don’t have to worry about one of the big powers like Google getting all up in our privacy. (I’ve found it’s blocked by some instances of AdBlocker though. It’d be cool if you could turn that off so I can get slightly more accurate pageview statistics. Thanks!) It’s pretty good, but sadly I don’t have many hits to make sweet graphs with yet.

Other than the RSS issues, spambots and dead silence around these parts, I’m still happy with the move. Things are looking good, I’m finally away from god-awful Blogger, and I’ve gotten the flexibility I’ve always wanted. Now to finish Geometroids so that I have some incentive to rework as a whole. Hard work though, and actual paid work has (finally) picked up again as well.

No time like the present to get some shit done yo!
~ Fang

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