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They feel damn impossible to work with, I tell you.

Salvaging what little free time I had left between sleeping, traveling and school I went to work on the WordPress theme again. The comments beneath posts weren’t being displayed yet, so I thought I’d fix that. Oh how wrong I was. Well, sort of. Took me way too long to find a way to iterate over comments on your own, but once I got that going I plowed down all elements I deemed necessary. Author name, date, comment, Gravatar, all the good stuff. It sadly wasn’t until I got all that done and moved on to the “reply to” links that I realized something was awfully, terribly wrong. It wasn’t working.

The function that was supposed to place the “reply to” link for me didn’t do shit. It was still friendly enough to return “NULL” though. That’s code-talk for “I ain’t got nothing pal”. After more seemingly endless searching I found a 10-line hack that made it functional again. Phew. Now let’s reply to one of these comments to see how nested comments handle themselves. Okay that’s… Wait, what? Apparently it isn’t even registering the fact they’re supposed to be replies to comments instead of standalone.

I’m at my end with this shit. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get the archive page made the way I want. After I’ve calmed down I’ll probably just strip the default down to as barebones as possible, and work from there.
Don’t get me wrong, despite the somewhat steep feel of its learning curve (when actually doing things by hand), WordPress seems like a great system. There’s already a ton of things I’d pick it over Blogger for.

Rising early tomorrow. Send help.
~ Fang


  • 14/02/2014 (1:58 AM)

    I barely ever hear complaints about WordPress, it’s nice to know that they actually do have issues. Nothing is perfect. I blog on a WordPress based blog (not my personal one of course) and can’t say I’ve really ran into any problems.

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