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They always come in pairs
15 02 14

Caves, p65

Oh no, everyone’s in trouble! What will our heroes do to save clean diapers from their poopy demises? (previous)

‘Nigel, please.’ Mitchell pleaded. ‘We both know you’re all talk, so just get yourself to safety!’
But the larger wyvern was already making its way towards him at a slow, intimidating pace. At the same speed, Nigel stepped in Mitchell’s direction. ‘Wha’s your plan?’
Mitchell didn’t even have time to think it over. The wyvern leaped forward, got its head as close to Nigel as it could and breathed over him. Nothing seemed to happen, but it wasn’t long before Nigel dropped his sword and started dancing around. ‘Fuck, hot! Hot!’ What Mitchell had seen earlier as vibrating of the air was caused by the wyvern’s breath’s temperature. Judging from the obscenities Nigel was spewing, it was high enough to cause minor burns.

‘Ah shit, ain’t cool.’ His burns caused Nigel to waggle awkwardly, but he eventually made his way over. ‘Ey, so, ya got a game plan?’
Mitchell sighed. ‘Seeing as how it hasn’t made another move yet, I figure it has as much of an idea on how to handle you as I do.’ He briefly held onto Nigel for support, causing him to flinch a bit because of his burns. ‘Then again, that may be something to exploit.’ He was breathing heavily, trying to fight off the pain signals his body was sending. The first wyvern didn’t look like it wanted to go for another round, so if he could just manage to fend this one off…
‘Whassat suppose to mean?’ Nigel appeared mildly irritated, but quickly recovered. ‘We shoun’t be jokin’ ’round though.’ He looked Mitchell in the eyes. For the first time, he looked like he was actually serious. ‘You done this before. Tell me whatta do.’
‘You need to distract it.’ Without raising it much, he pointed his finger along a path. ‘If you move by there and draw its attention I’ll try to get an attack in from the side.’
‘On it!’ Nigel wanted to sprint away, but was held by his shoulder.
‘Don’t come close to the other one, and beware of its breath.’ He let him go. ‘Be careful.’
‘Ya too.’

I’ll cut the part there since I don’t have much time left for writing today. Are y’all on the edge of your seats yet? (next)
~ Fang


  • 17/02/2014 (6:08 PM)

    Consider the edge of my seat occupied. Looking forward to the next bit. I want to see blood!

  • 17/02/2014 (2:07 PM)

    I think the only thing close to a problem is the first sentence; “pleased” should be “pleaded”. Other than that it was a good chapter Fang. Go go go!

  • 15/02/2014 (10:57 PM)

    Fang, I like this and chuckled a little. It has a comedy terror sort of feel with “Fuck, hot! hot! expression followed by the wyvern’s breath’s temperature. I think this breath temperature (causing minor burns) is novel idea.

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