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28 02 14

Caves, p68

Sorry for the delay, here’s the new part! (previous)

As the two walked to Nigel’s place, numerous people said hi. Most even specifically addressed Mitchell.
‘Word travels fast, you’re some celebrity already.’ Andrea playfully nudged him. ‘Don’t let that fame get to your head!’
Mitchell shook his head. ‘It feels weird though. Not just because of the whole fame thing.’ He lowered his voice to only be audible to Andrea. ‘I solved a problem I created, and people think I’m great for that.’
‘But they don’t know, so no harm done right?’ She patted him on his shoulder. ‘It had to be done, and at least this way you’re getting recognition.’
He nodded and stared into the distance for a while. ‘Whatever.’

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27 02 14

Not today, sorry

Had a really long day today, so no new Caves. I’ll have one tomorrow though!

Man oh man, this fucking school project. Well, it’s not necessarily the project itself. Let me back up here. Yesterday was the last day of the first phase of the project. We, as a team, had to present all the “products” (read: documentation) we had made so far and explain a bit of our reasoning so that, and I quote, “students and teachers can provide you with feedback”. Hell yes, feedback, that is exactly what we were needing since we weren’t super sure on quite a number of things.
Turns out it was way more than “quite a number of things”. We had to strip naked, bend over, and take a giant meaty dick up our butts for all the class to see.

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Having moved away from Blogger, I no longer have my RSS feeds at the dashboard page of my blog. An alternative was needed.

I found my alternative in Feedreader, an online RSS feed reader. (Well, duh, no shit.) It’s simple and effective, free, and most important to me: works straight in my web browser. It looks really sleek, has a nice category system, and lets you decide which of the feeds offered by a site you’re going to subscribe to. Sounds pretty good, right? Yeah…
Well, it sort of is. Unfortunately I have found it’s really slow when it comes to updating the feeds. It’s like it only checks for new entries once every few days. And since up-to-dateness is essentially a requirement of readers, it’s not cutting the cake as well as I had initially hoped. Damn shame.

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Most things under now make use of Open Web Analytics for keeping usage statistics.

Blogger has a built-in statistics service, but WordPress doesn’t, so I needed Analytics software to use after the move. Google Analytics is great and all, but it’s, well, Google’s product, and the data captured is also theirs, you never have full control over it. Did some searching around for alternatives, and finally stumbled upon OWA. As the name subtly implies, it’s open source software, and is installed and run by the user (website admin), not some large company. So while I do keep track of some of your usage statistics (what pages you view, visit duration, etc.) I also have full control over them and don’t have to share them with anyone. I value your privacy as much as mine, I swear!

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Not all of that is good stuff per se, but at least it’s moving… forward?

Deep sigh, of relief this time. Looks like, as of yesterday’s post, the RSS feed has started functioning again. Apparently Blogger automatically signed my blog up for a FeedBurner feed, which was mighty convenient now as it allowed me to keep the same FeedBurner URL, but hook it up to a different source feed. Yeah, FeedBurner is a Google product, but it’s stopping some major headaches and sleepless nights, so I’m sticking with it for now.
As for the other move issues, namely the comment spam, I’m currently working on a home-made solution that should be super convenient for you folks. Hope y’all are okay with me setting a cookie so the site known you’re good folk?

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