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Time to use GameMaker!

And I haven’t even really dug into it yet, go figure.

You may know that I’ll be moving the blog to WordPress soon. Have been sniffing through the docs, looked at the basics of making a WordPress theme. Boy oh boy does it seem mightily more complicated than what I’m used to! It’s not particularly difficult to understand, but there’s so much things you can do! With Blogger you’re essentially restricted a one page template (format, layout) for your entire site. WordPress? If you want, every page looks different. If you want, you can have full control over what is displayed where, and can even give posts custom attributes. So say I want a subtitle to appear under the title of my posts, I can make a custom attribute for that and have my template fetch that data and display it. Amazing.

Though I can see some small annoyances on the horizon, they are far outweighed by the benefits that have gotten in sight so far. Full customizability, no restrictions. Hell, for the move I need to mass-edit a bunch of links and such. If I had to do so through Blogger I’d need to edit every single post manually. But with WordPress I can just export the database, run a couple find-and-replace commands on the data, import it back in, and voilà, it’s all done!

Can’t wait to get into writing the theme. But first, design. Coming up with a decent layout is doable. Turning that into a good and unique layout is my worst nightmare. And don’t even get me started on palettes. Thank God for ColourLovers. But even with all the great color mixes they got there, getting it just right is still really hard. I really wish I was better in design. Sure, it also takes practice, but it’s really discouraging when you do nothing but churn out “baby’s first blog layout” and “rectangular shit-stains of varying ugly colors”.

Well, just found some old (but still newer than most) writing scraps. Going to have a field day reading this, I can already feel the cringe coming.
~ Fang


  • 24/01/2014 (1:31 AM)

    Hey you have to start somewhere. I’ve heard that about WordPress; that the layout things are harder to do, but you can also customise a lot more as a result.

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