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Bananas aren't curved.

And what a slow sack of potatoes I am being.

I spent a good and solid five hours of my day “summarizing” all the things we need to know for tomorrow’s exam. And by summarizing I mean scouring all the presentation slides and documentation for information on the mostly unsorted list of “learning goals” we got. So yeah I basically just started studying today, and the exam is tomorrow. I am not the brightest tool, especially consider I may have made some mad buxx selling my (in my opinion good quality) summary to other students in my year.

Really wanted to get some work in on the project that’s due on Saturday as well, but couldn’t muster the strength. Still feeling kind of ill. And between the tests, the cold and the shitty feeling it brings, there isn’t much room for having good times really. Tomorrow, Friday and probably also Saturday are going to be packed with frustration as I’ll attempt to churn out something decent in time for the deadline.

I vaguely recall a dream where I sent in a bogus “corrupted” file, and it actually got graded, proving the teacher didn’t even look at the application and just went off what he had seen earlier (and possibly the documentation too). Would be great if that happened, but I intend to deliver properly. Don’t want any of my style points to be taken away.

Speaking of style, time for me to ollie outie!
~ Fang


  • 09/01/2014 (7:36 AM)

    Heh, it’s strange that you’re starting exams while I’m just back to classes.

    Best of luck with them.

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