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No seriously, I’m getting real fucking tired here!

Today I bit the bullet and started prototyping the blog’s new design. And, well, I sort of finished that? I’m still not entirely happy with the layout. It’s way too standard for my tastes. (Accidentally mistyped that as testes, whoops!) It needs something special, but I just can’t imagine what to do to cater to that need. At least I can now start trying out color schemes. Found a couple nice ones, a bunch of not-so-nice ones, and a few that look real cool but don’t really have the feel I want my blog to have? Man, I don’t even know anymore.

Haven’t even gone into styling for WordPress-specific pages, either. God be with me when it’s time for that to be done. Until then, I’m going to keep on plowing, possibly turn the prototype into a WordPress template already, make some adjustments. Knowing me I’ll probably end up settling for something sub-par, start regretting that decision and create a new layout to use a year later. That’s how it’s always gone, why not keep to tradition?

Real tired though so I’ll be out now.
~ Fang


  • 29/01/2014 (2:49 PM)

    You can work while standing ;)

    It feels much better (better blood circulation, more blood oxygen in the brain), although, it’s tiring at first (more feet muscles).

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