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Been sneezing my nose out all day, and it still keeps going.

Barely got anything done today because of that. I feel like shit. Going to bed is definitely the thing to do right now, but oh no, I almost forgot, there’s still a blog post to be written! Well, alright then, back into gear. Putting up with the bright-ass second monitor is a bit of a pain, so I just shut it off. Wish there was something for that, artificial brightness control for monitors that don’t have it built in. Well, there is, but they fight with f.lux over who gets control over the screen. And it’s not on a per-monitor basis either. Oh well.

There was a short documentary on TV, part of it was about making predictions about the future, especially in the field of technology. The Das brothers (two pretty damn cool guys from the Netherlands) envisioned devices similar to smartwatches and Google glass way way back in the 80’s. It’s really cool to see some accurate thinking for a change, what with all the “robots and flying cars everywhere” image they had of the future back then. The brothers haven’t stopped drawing their ideas though, so we’ll see how much of their predictions will prove themselves true eventually.

And then to think people found the idea of doing your financing on a computer was super silly.
~ Fang


  • 06/01/2014 (4:13 PM)

    Once upon a time ago, science fiction movies promised us flying cars in the year 2000. Now, after seeing the way everyone drives, I’m glad they don’t exist.

    Get better soon!

  • 05/01/2014 (11:32 PM)

    Get better soon man. Like now. Read this and be better. It’s kind of fun to see the way technology is evolving. We’ve started to enter the times where science fiction is becoming science reality. Things based in the future are also becoming more plausible too. It’s still hilarious to see what people in the early 20th century thought things would be like in the early 21st century. Then again, there’s plenty of the 21st century left.

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