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So exciting!

In a couple of days it’ll be Fang Talks’ third birthday. As is pretty much tradition by now, this’ll be accompanied by some changes to the blog. All previous years, they’ve been purely aesthetic, save for some hosting and domain name jigs here and there. This year, however, the changes won’t happen as closely to the festive day as they have previous years. I’ll spread things out a little bit.

Probably going to migrate hosts soon, giving up the domain name in the process. This may cause some downtime, but further notification on that’ll follow. After that, I’ll have to finish the new design before I can move on. Yes, there will be a new design. The orange is starting to hurt and this isn’t exactly the most typographically pleasant look in existence. I’m afraid the process is going to take a significant amount of time though, since I’m moving away from Blogger.

You read that correctly. I’m kinda tired of Blogger’s limits and let’s be honest here, it’s all kind of entry-level stuff anyway. (That doesn’t mean y’all Blogger users aren’t awesome still!) The current hot contender for my next blogging platform is WordPress. They’re kind of the market leader, have a huge user-base, and lots of room for expansion/modification, what with their plugins and customizability and all. Will try it out once I’ve switched hosts, probably accept it as my now platform of choice, and start digging into template/theme creation.

So, that’s what’s coming up. Didn’t want to keep you guys in the dark what with the possible outages coming soon.
~ Fang

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