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Finally got around to working on Geometroids again. Implemented a difficulty curve.

It’s starting to feel more like a final product, now that it actually has progression which I’d say is pretty important for most games. The scoring system’s still a bit whack, game over screen looks like shit and the whole thing in general needs more juice in the form of sounds and graphics. Mostly all gameplay’s already in it though, which caused me to send it to a friend for playtesting.

I actually got some useful critique out of it. Had expected some comments on controls and responsiveness, especially since I myself had lost all feel for what was better or worse. Quite out of the blue though, I got asked what my goal with the game was. When was it finished? I said it was mostly intended as an Asteroids clone, so pretty close to being finished, at least gameplay-wise. Hmm, yeah. Maybe I could do something more with the mechanics, to make it less of a clone? Yeah possibly, good idea. But my scope shouldn’t become too large.

He brought up some suggestions, discussed those for a bit. Some pretty interesting mechanics, but not sure how those’d fit in the current flow of the game. Some sound quite fun to play around with though, so I’ll at least look into how much work it is to get those going and try them out.

Also, the game ran at a steady 60fps on my laptop, even with over 5000 objects on screen, which actual gameplay will never even come close to. Weird to see how the game ran at a lackluster 45fps on my friend’s computer, even though it got a way more powerful CPU to use. Feels bad.

Oh well, I’ll get the kinks out. At least I now know they exist!
~ Fang


  • 04/01/2014 (2:21 PM)

    SDLC everytime.
    Btw which language are you using?

    • 04/01/2014 (4:18 PM)

      Lua, using the LÖVE (Love2D) framework.

  • 03/01/2014 (12:57 AM)

    45 FPS is still pretty good. It takes under 16 I believe for things to be really choppy. Anyway, sounds like you got some good information from all that. Yay for game testing and criticism.

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