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Not that it’s a secret, but damn.

So I got the first of two exams this week coming up tomorrow. Spent my two weeks off doing, well, pretty much nothing of significance, and I only really started studying just today. It’s mostly theoretical stuff you have to know, instead of just practically applying things because you have the know-how. And let me tell you, I can’t learn to safe my life. Practicing skills through exercises? All cool, got you covered. Stuffing lists of test types and methods into my head? No can do.

It is so hard to get started, and then I have to continuously put in effort to keep myself on the job. Reading pages upon pages of boring, dreary definitions and shitty examples in the hope that it’ll stick with me if I go over it enough times. This is not my way of learning things, but it’s how they expect you to, so you’ll just have to conform if you want to get a decent score on the test.

Never really done much studying like this back in high school. Partially because paying attention in class brought in plenty of knowledge on its own, partly because I sucked at it, thought it was boring, and could get by without it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done it so much that it’s hard for me? Or maybe I just have wonky brain problems?

Nah, I’ll put my money on the educational system being out of whack. Because honestly, it probably is.
~ Fang


  • 08/01/2014 (2:32 PM)

    You get the money.No questions asked.
    But for a product of such a messed-up system,you’ve done pretty well holding on to the stuff you like to do.And that’s what matters innit.
    All the best anyway!

  • 07/01/2014 (2:30 PM)

    Of course the education system is out of whack. Almost every education system is. I think most of them are built upon the same principles of complete failure.

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