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11 01 14

Feeling reality

No new Caves today. Don’t feel up to that (still a bit sick), so I’ll write a ramble-ish post instead.

Remember how I talked about dream recall earlier? When you’re awake and think back to your dream, it had that distinctive “dreamy” feel to it, right? You didn’t notice it in that moment, but existing there felt different. And now that you’re awake, and you pay close attention, you can make out a subtle feeling reality is giving off as well. That hint of confirmation that yes, this is indeed real life.

We’re getting borderline philosophical here. Extremely vague, at the very least. It’s hard to describe since it isn’t exactly an emotion, state of mind, or tangible kind of feeling. It’s something around you which you observe, albeit passively, often without noticing. Interesting though, how you only really realize this once you’ve become aware of its dream world counterpart. Like it’s tipping you off to the existence of its twin brother.

But sometimes the dream feeling lingers, overlaps with the one from reality. You’ll still be standing in the dream world with one foot, still thinking back to whatever crazy shit just went down. The feeling is carried with those thought, remembering it causes it to exist, if only temporary. Sounds somewhat similar to nostalgia?

Afraid I’m not making very much sense here. Oh well, g’night!
~ Fang


  • 12/01/2014 (2:31 AM)

    There are people who’ll probably debate a whole lot if something really can and does feel like reality. I’ve felt like dreams are very real before and genuinely been surprised when I woke up. There have also been a few times when I misremembered things because I thought what happened earlier in a dream was real.

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