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Twice the space, double the distractions, less than half the productivity!

So my sister got a one-in-all from my dad’s work to replace her pretty darn old computer. The one that used to be mine. Made a deal with my old man, once she got an upgrade I got to have my trusty old box back. Well, looks like there ain’t no deal no more, ’cause he wanted that one for his work in return. That’s a father-son agreement not held to. Is nothing sacred these days?

She still had a monitor though. Its footing is broken, snapped when she tried adjusting its angle. Same happened to mine, but it’s still living. Anyway, she isn’t really a power user and has no use for a second monitor, so I got to take the thing under my wing. Dad was going to throw it away, but then he came up with the actually rather brilliant idea of just getting rid of the base and hanging it on my wall as a third monitor. An hour or two of messing and fixing later, I have a monitor hanging slightly higher than my laptop can reach, making for the sexiest setup I ever had. Still got my own monitor (same model) on the left, but I don’t have the cables to connect that one too. Oughta buy some more then.

But to be honest, it’s only particularly useful for specific tasks. When it’s not in real use but still connected, I have it display some cool graphs like BTC and DOGE values. Looks badass and keeps me informed. Not to mention the always useful but hella distracting computer statistics. Watching a YouTube video? More like getting distracted by watching the CPU use rise along with its temperature. Fucking forced dedicated GPU, keep burning my fingers, damnit.

Plenty of distractions, can’t say this amazing setup has been much help yet. (Secretly I’m the one to blame here, but don’t tell anyone.) I got an exam week coming up, and haven’t made any hard progress on that project that needs to be finished by the end of it either. Am I boned? Estimations say yes, extremely so.

All I can do is hope. Or, you know, kick my ass into gear.
~ Fang


  • 05/01/2014 (6:13 AM)

    You can kick your ass into hoping more. The extra monitor setup sounds badass. It makes you sound uber successful and professional.

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