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18 01 14

Customer support

Kind of like how you help old ladies cross the street.

You need to be living under a rock to have missed this, but I recently switched web hosts. WebFaction is absolutely wonderful. Not just because of the sweet prices and fast servers, but mainly because of their impeccable customer support. It is insane how good they are. Longest time I’ve spent waiting on them so far is roughly two hours. Go compare that to other web hosts, chances are that’ll be the average (or worse, fastest) response time. But here, I often don’t even have to spend half an hour wasting time before they get back to me, even when I set my ticket to low priority!

Had some troubles with DNS the other day which caused some downtime. After asking them for help, we presumably got things resolved. It was a waiting game until the DNS propagated. Only then could we know for sure if it was correct. But they went the extra mile for me. While we were waiting, they did some checks here and there, and noticed something was not functioning properly. They told me about it, the probable cause, and I got it fixed within minutes. Their responses were quick and non-standard, which really made it feel like they were on the case.

Why is this so important? Even if it’s a trivial issue a customer is having, it can still be incredibly frustrating. The sooner it’s resolved, the happier the customer. And you know those standard replies some support folks give? Those torn straight from the online manual you already checked a thousand times? Not particularly helpful. They make the mistake to think that the larger part of their customers don’t try to figure things out for themselves first. (I don’t know, maybe this is true, but having to explicitly state you already did this and that, and then having them tell you to do the very same thing is really annoying.)

Not to mention how great is feels to know the company is trying to help you instead of just swindling you out of your money. Customer care goes a long way.
~ Fang


  • 19/01/2014 (4:31 AM)

    Customer support is a pretty important thing. The customer isn’t always right, but it’s good to keep them happy. How you interact with the public really comes back on you. Treat them nicely, and things will go well. Thankfully I’ve never really had to deal with any customer service and, therefore, never really been stuck in customer service hell. The only times I’ve done it I had what I felt was a swift and useful response.

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