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22 01 14

Caves, p59

Yesterday’s post was reserved for the special occasion, so Caves got moved over a bit. Hope you don’t mind! (previous)

Mitchell groaned as he broke his focus and took a moment to scratch his face. The scars had started to irritate. His nails running over them alleviated the annoyance, if only for a few seconds.
‘Is anybody back there?’ It was the librarian. Her creaky voice was followed with modest footsteps, drawing closer. ‘Nobody?’
He set up straight to let out a clear reply. ‘It’s Mitchell, ma’am.’
‘Oh hello dear. What are you doing all the way in the back?’ As she emerged from behind one of the many filled shelfs, her face turned a bit paler than it already was. ‘My lord! Are you alright?’
Mitchell chuckled a bit. ‘This?’ He pointed to his face. ‘Had a little accident, don’t worry about it.’
‘Is it…’ She was reluctant to point it out, but Mitchell signaled for her to continue. ‘Is your face glowing?’

The book, if the collection of pages could still be called that, contained seemingly occult instructions. Provided Mitchell had interpreted some of the terms correctly, it was essentially a beginner’s manual to utilizing gemergy in the way Gerard had described to be a taboo. Though Mitchell had only made his way through the “basic knowledge” chapters, he felt there was a pretty good chance of real “magic” being brought into the scene pretty soon.
He still had his doubts though, but a lot of those were cleared after it was established that his face was —more specifically, his scars were— indeed glowing. Simply reading instructions on how to channel caused him to involuntarily follow along. The particles of gemite dust stuck in there acted as a catalyst, collecting and intensifying energy to the point where it manifested physically, in the form of light. Or radiation. Or whatever it actually was.

Before the librarian lady let Mitchell leave with the book, she had to be sure. ‘Will you really be alright?’
‘Don’t worry,’ he reassured her as he gave the book two energetic pats. A few of the pages inside shifted, but luckily didn’t fall out. ‘This’ll make everything better.’
She gave a nod with a neutral expression, confirming she understood, but not that she was particularly happy with this weird glow-faced kid running off with her prized rare literature. ‘Keep it together, now.’

Am I getting too fantasy here? Was way tempted to put in a “He thought it all was a bit silly, as if ripped straight out of a fantasy novel.” but that’d get too meta for my tastes. Also hope the wall of exposure(?) there isn’t too bad. (next)
~ Fang


  • 24/01/2014 (5:42 PM)

    Looks good, sir. I had already pegged this story as fantasy, which I like. Because I, well, like fantasy. But no, I don’t think it’s too fantasy. I mean, there are no future plans for the Flaming Sword of Truth or Trogdor the Burninator, right?

  • 23/01/2014 (1:03 PM)

    The only problem I have is that I don’t remember him meeting the librarian and the link to the last one is broken. Oh well. The chapter was good though. I don’t think it’s getting too fantasy. I’m a fan of fantasy though so I’m not the guy to ask about that.

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