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It begins.
07 01 14

Caves, p56

When we last left our heroes, Andrea fucked up bad. Or did she? Who knows? I certainly don’t. (previous)

‘Well,’ Mitchell started as they walked out the Bastion. ‘Thanks for fucking that up.’
‘I’m sorry?’ A mildly fierce reaction from Andrea. ‘I saved your buns again pal! Getting exiled is nothing to scoff at.’ Her face turned ground-ward. ‘Or, whatever else he’d have done. Fucking asshole.’
Mitchell nodded in agreement. ‘Still, that asshole’s going mess things up for Lenart and his folks.’
‘Relax!’ She turned to face him and gave a reassuring smile. ‘He said we got five days to fix it ourselves, plenty time.’
A deep sigh. ‘I was bluffing. Wouldn’t even know where to start.’
‘Hey, you saved me, so you can save them.’ She wanted to bump him on the shoulder, but decided not to. Instead, she walked closer and hugged him. Her arms gently tightening around his chest as she hung her head over his shoulder. ‘Thanks for that. Speaking up to Warren and all.’ She spoke softly, almost whispering it into his ear. Mitchell reciprocated the hug. As he let his head hang a bit, their cheeks brushed together and they both jolted out of their tender embrace. ‘Ouch!’ ‘Those scars of yours, they sting hard!’

‘Hey hey, look who made it back in one piece!’ Roy greeted them from afar. They bashfully jumped apart and waved at their approaching friend. ‘How did your quest go?’
‘I had to drag her along,’ Mitchell jokingly gestured at Andrea. ‘So you know how it goes. Thanks a lot for that Roy.’
Both dudes laughed, Andrea playfully frowned. ‘Yeah Roy, thanks for letting me get his ass off the grill. Thrice.’
‘Sounds like rough times for all.’ He took his sword off his back, stuck it in the ground, and leaned against it. All with his one good arm. ‘Really, how was it?’
‘Good thing you’re seated, it’s a bit of a long story.’

Damn, these parts are getting shorter and shorter. Won’t be long before it’s just a couple hastily strung together sentences. (next)
~ Fang


  • 09/01/2014 (1:15 PM)

    Even if it is just a couple of hastily strung together sentences then at least it’s something. Keep writing. I think I spotted about one mistake with “As hey let his head hang a bit”. Other than that a mighty fine chapter.

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