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03 01 14

Caves, p55

Another year, more badly written garbage to churn out. (previous)

‘What?!’ As much as Mitchell didn’t want to show his surprise, he couldn’t help exclaiming. ‘You can’t just do that!’
‘I very well can.’ Warren continued to keep his calm. ‘I founded the Bastion, this town thrives because of me. Protecting it now shouldn’t prove difficult.’
‘Protecting it?’ He couldn’t have put the pieces together already, right? There’s no way he could know, right? ‘From what?’
Warren leaned back in his chair. He looked at Mitchell’s scars with a smug sense of satisfaction visible on his face. ‘You know exactly what I’m talking about.’

Andrea decided to jump in for Mitchell. ‘But the people there live off the gemite! You can’t just take it away!’
That statement caught Warren by surprise. ‘Oh? So they’re still alive?’
‘What is that even supposed to mean!’ Andrea’s frustration was growing again.
Mitchell took notice, and he was getting tired of what felt like endlessly beating around the bush. ‘Whatever your reason, we can’t let you close that hole.’ His words sounded firm, full of conviction. ‘There has to be another way.’
‘Look at yourself. Not exactly the prettiest sight.’ He turned to look out the window and sighed. ‘I don’t want my people to end up like that. Gemite’s dangerous, nothing’s going to change that.’ Now facing Mitchell again, he placed his hands flat on his desk ‘If you don’t give me the location I’ll exile you. Or worse.’
Before Mitchell even had the chance to formulate a response, Andrea blurted out the answer.

This took me way too long to write, again. Distractions man. (next)
~ Fang


  • 06/01/2014 (4:12 PM)

    Can’t tell if Andrea ruined things or saved Mitchell’s bacon. Eager to find out.

  • 04/01/2014 (4:19 PM)

    Inadvertent social commentary about fossil fuels is possibly inadvertent.

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