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16 01 14

Busy day

UPDATE: All issues fixed, migration complete!

I intended to write a new part of Caves, I really did!

Even tried putting my mind to it, but I just… couldn’t. Been busy all day with (school and) the migration. Still ongoing, as you can see in the slogan above. So first there was the issue of getting the money there to officially open my account. Sighed deeply and took out my prepaid credit card, waited a fucking hour for the money to show up on it so I could make the payment. Okay, registered, got everything running. Time to start transferring files. There’s some big ones in there, those are still transferring. Fear not though, all the essentials are on both servers now, so all that’s left is the DNS switch.

Oh God the fucking DNS switch.
It was a nightmare. Haven’t touched a DNS zone in years, and even if I had, I still wouldn’t have know jack shit. Luckily I could just send customer support a ticket. First reply took roughly 2.5 hours, but after that it was smooth sailing with average reply speed hanging around the 10 minute mark. They really were “on the case”. Got all that resolved, and now the wait is for the DNS changes to propagate (take effect), so that the new server will be used.

Exciting stuff! Kind of tempted to stay up for two more hours, waiting for that final upload to finish and try harder to get crontab to work properly. I shouldn’t though, need to wake early tomorrow. Why? Gonna get my hair cut. Not looking forward to having to be talkative so early in the morning.

Let’s hope DNS is done by tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 18/01/2014 (9:24 AM)

    I haven’t written anything in a while other than blog posts. It’s hard to get work done with your computer not functioning properly.

  • 17/01/2014 (3:21 PM)

    I miss your afro. You shouldn’t get your hair cut. Yay for all the problems getting fixed though. You’ve had a busy ass day, you can write some other time.

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