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14 01 14

Back in action

And raring to go!

Decided it was high fucking time I worked on Geometroids again. After messing around with a sound effects generator, I just gave up and went to work on the visual juice. Got “explosions” in now. Destroying ‘roids turns them into a jumble of lines equal to its amount of sides that fade over a short amount of time. See the gif below. Implemented the same for when your ship gets destroyed, and improved initial velocity for objects spawned from other objects to give a slightly more realistic feel in an otherwise fake-ass environment. (Seriously, how fast is that ship even moving, look at the parallax on those stars!)

geometroids particle effect

I’ll probably turn that odd shape into a hexagon one of these days, maybe add in a seven-sided one, and I think I’ll leave it at this. We shouldn’t get too frivolous here. More visual stuff, hmm, maybe I could do subtle screen shaking? Nah, probably won’t be a snug fit, but worth giving a shot anyway. And then there’s the audio. Sigh. I’ll jab one or two of those “free to use” tunes, and then generate a bunch of sfx and alternate between those so you don’t get annoyed by a monotonous “beep” you hear every time you shoot. When that’s all done, all that’s left it patching up the game over screen (which looks horrible right now), drawing up a fancy “main menu” image, sticking it all together and calling it a day.

Haven’t worked on it in way too long, had hoped to have it well and finished by now. Last ten percent, eh.
~ Fang


  • 15/01/2014 (8:32 AM)

    Looks pretty good. Better than anything I’ve churned out. :P

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