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One hundred pushups!

Had a great night partying my way into 2014, but let’s get serious and see what I’m planning to have it bring us.

Clocking in closest to our current point in time, there’s the third birthday of Fang Talks. I got a v4 design planned, but chances of it getting finished in time are extremely slim. It’ll get here eventually though, looking forward to a fresh new look! Along with that will probably come some more major changes to the core of the blog. I’m just going to straight-up saying, I’m considering moving away from Blogger. It feels way too limited for me, so I’m currently looking into alternatives. WordPress is a hot contender, but I haven’t settled on it yet.

Also high up the to-do list is game development. Not counting Geometroids, I want to try and finish at least four games this year. Sounds ambitious? Nah. There’s folks who do “a game a month”. I’m averaging out at three months per game, which will allow me to play with a slightly bigger scope. Still going to be tricky keeping it within bounds, but I’m confident some fine products will roll out.

Speaking of fine products, I’m hoping to finish Caves this year. At least, the rough “draft” version I’m rocking right now. If I’m even slightly pleased with the end result, I’ll edit, refine, and try to publish. Got some connections for that already, at least getting printed copies won’t be a problem. I’ll give some away for free, and sell when I can. Or do a “name your price” thing? Who knows, we’ll see how it turns out!

The internships for next school year can be done in the first or second half of the year, if I recall correctly. If I end up going for that first half, that means 2014 will hold an internship for me. As you’ve heard, I’m already in contact with Thorworks regarding this, and everything so far seems very promising. Sounds like a ton of fun, and a very valuable learning experience. Can’t wait!

But what more will the year hold? I honestly don’t know. Can’t know. But that’s the exciting thing about it, there’s so many possibilities out there. Maybe some bad stuff will happen, but hey, that occurs from time to time. Maybe some great stuff will happen, that’d be, well, great! Whatever life’s going to give me, I’m going to be sure to make something good of it.

This year’s going to be awesome, I just know it.
~ Fang

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