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31 01 14

Comfy headphones

Are they a myth?

Headphones are really cool. Not talking earbuds, or those in-ear “headphones”. I mean the real deal, those big clunky things you really shouldn’t be taking away from your workstation. Though not as compact, mobile as earbuds, they pack a way stronger punch and can really bring forth the best of your music if you have a good pair. Sadly, they get rather expensive real quick, and I don’t want to drop hundreds of bucks them. Well, at least I still got my lovely speakers.

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30 01 14

Caves, p61

Imma just go and skip a decent chunk of the story here and hope it makes for better story flow and tension. That’s how all the pros do it, right? Raising questions. (previous)

‘So for all they know you’re going out scouting, right?’ Mitchell was speaking with a hushed voice. Most people in town were still asleep, and he didn’t want to wake anyone up. Or worse, have their plan found out about.
Andrea nodded. ‘Can we just sort of confirm you still think you’re ready for this? I mean…’ She mumbled a few inaudible words before she snapped back on track. ‘Sure you’ve had three days practice, but if this goes wrong, well, you’re risking a lot.’
‘We’ve gone over this, it’ll be fine.’ He put his hand on his chest and took a deep breath. ‘Besides, the things are quick to flee when they encounter a formidable foe like me.’ He couldn’t help but grin.
Andrea smiled in return. ‘Wipe that smug look off your face and get preparing, I shouldn’t take more than a few hours, noon at worst.’ She spread her arm, ‘Until then,’ and Mitchell came in for the hug, ‘Hang tight.’
‘Make it back in one piece, will you.’ His embrace tightened. He wanted to say more, but couldn’t. They let go, and after one more reassuring look in each other’s eyes, Andrea went into the caves.

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Man, I always feel like such a nagging prick when doing this.

As we all know (insert link to post I can’t find here) it’s important to get and be able to handle critique on whatever it is you may have created. But what about actively seeking it for something not yet finished? Looking for feedback, if you will. The past day or two I’ve been doing just that. With the work on Fang Talks 4 in full swing I’ve been trying to get somewhat continuous feedback from peeps everywhere. And I need that, because though I can see something’s wrong and not as pretty as it could be, I’m often stumped as for the reasons. I’ve been looking at the thing through its entire development lifetime, so formulating a user-like opinion is pretty hard. That’s the reason you pull other people in for feedback.

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No seriously, I’m getting real fucking tired here!

Today I bit the bullet and started prototyping the blog’s new design. And, well, I sort of finished that? I’m still not entirely happy with the layout. It’s way too standard for my tastes. (Accidentally mistyped that as testes, whoops!) It needs something special, but I just can’t imagine what to do to cater to that need. At least I can now start trying out color schemes. Found a couple nice ones, a bunch of not-so-nice ones, and a few that look real cool but don’t really have the feel I want my blog to have? Man, I don’t even know anymore.

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Got a couple more readers recently. Welcome! Maybe 2014-01 isn’t going to be the worst month in the history of Fang Talks (statistics-wise).

There’s a text file somewhere on my computer with a bunch of website/web app ideas in it. Though ideas aren’t worth shit without proper good execution, there’s still a little bit of hidden value to them. The potential for that finely tuned process of creation. Can’t say I feel up to that just yet though, but I figured I’d pitch one of them here for feedback and all that good stuff. I think it may be of use to some of you, especially the writers.

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