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It’s Christmas Eve, what are y’all up to? It better be something you enjoy doing, just like every other evening. I had a wonderful dinner earlier, just finished playing games with pals, and I’ll probably consider working on my game before I head to bed telling myself I’ll have plenty of time for it tomorrow, but forgetting we’re meeting up with family. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Friend came over yesterday, we jammed together. Maybe I should get back to playing the guitar again, pick up music theory while I’m at it. Surely it’ll come in handy someday, right? I’m not super motivated for it, but I should just try and find a small amount of time for it each day, kind of like I do with my gamedev.

I’ll leave you guys with that for now, and hope to have a more substantial post for Christmas tomorrow. In the mean time, friendly reminder that yogurtbox has everything on “pay what you want” ’til the end of the year. If that’s your kind of music, go check it out!

And to all a good night.
~ Fang

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