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Wrote a little something for a writing prompt, “write about a situation where the entirety of a person’s knowledge and experience can be extracted and transferred”. And so I did.

The police state came quickly. By the time people noticed, it was already too late.
I hadn’t traveled by plane in a long time. Work and illness had restricted my traveling to a couple short trips, nothing more. The local airport hadn’t changed a lot over the years. Some modernization here and there, but I could still find my way around easily.

‘Sir, your identification please.’ Ah yes, of course. I handed over my ID card. The man on the other side of the desk threw me an odd look, and a more serious one soon after. ‘I’m sorry sir, but the name on the plane ticket doesn’t match the one on your ID.’
I had been through this countless times before, and went with my default reply. ‘There’s a typo on my ID. My name’s with one R, as printed on the ticket.’
He didn’t seem buy it for some reason, and pressed a few buttons on the screen. ‘Of course, sir. Please hold for a moment.’

Within minutes two security guards had arrived. If I’d please come with them. I was already a little late for my flight, but was assured it wouldn’t take too long. It happens once before, probably for the same silly reason. They had held me for a bit, asked me about my travels, and then let me go. This time would probably go the same.

The room I was sat down in seemed oddly similar to an old style doctor’s office. The smell was comparable too, but had an uncomfortable vibe to it.
The guards closed the door behind them. A click indicated it locked itself. ‘We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but for security reasons we would like to perform a neuroscan.’ Those had been on the news a couple months back. If I recalled correctly, they could scan people’s memories, experiences, everything stored in their brain, and sift through it to see what it contained. Airport security was a mentioned usage example, but I hadn’t expected this small local business to be using it already.
‘I… I beg you pardon?’ I wanted to protest, but tried avoiding a direct confrontation. The guard explained what a neuroscan could do. My memory had served me correctly, it was about to be exposed for them to see. ‘Are there not any privacy laws prohibiting this unless I agree to it?’ It was hard keeping my tone friendly. Had always been a fierce defender of personal privacy, after all.
The guard shook his head. ‘Please lay down, sir.’
‘You know as well as I do this isn’t right!’ I let myself go. ‘There is no way you can guarantee me my memories aren’t being sent to the government as soon as they’re read!’ Bad move.

Both guards forced me down, though only one was required. With little fanfare they shoved a device over my head. Everything went numb, and from numb to black. When I came to, there were guns pointed at my face.
‘You are under arrest for the intention of disobeying the law!’
The police state came quickly. Dystopia soon followed.

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~ Fang

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