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They're coming down the stairs.

So here’s the plan, see.

No, not the plan. Not The Plan either. It’s The Game Plan. Because it’s about games, see. As you probably have noticed by now, my gamedev endeavors aren’t exactly on track. Which is actually pretty stupid considering how I like doing that stuff and allows me to get some satisfaction out of my skills for a change. But big projects, large scopes are out of my reach for now, so I need to stick to smaller games if I want to get anything made. From now on, I’ll try to continuously be working on a small game, and I won’t move on to something else before it’s finished. They will get done, whatever it takes. This is The Game Plan.

To start this off I’ll be making something of an asteroids clone I thought up earlier today. Featuring polygons of increasing complexity instead of rocks of increasing mass. I’ll probably call it something cheesy, like Geomasteroids. (Geometry, asteroids, get it?) It’ll be slightly neon-themed and have fun colors and everything. I can get away with using lines, so I don’t have to worry about art too much. Sound effects I can use generations for, and I may even go all out and whip up a peppy music track (or steal one off the internet, we’ll see). Sounds pretty doable, if you ask me.

After completely rocking the socks off that one, I think I’ll try my hand at networking and make an online-multiplayer Pong. The game itself is really simple stuff, but networking is new to me so it’ll be a fun challenge.

Changes are it’s going downhill already by the time we get there, but I’ll do my best to postpone the inevitable!
~ Fang


  • 09/12/2013 (10:55 PM)

    The inevitable might be that you succeed and be awesome so don’t delay it too much now. This sounds like a pretty good plan. Go for it, and be a badass.

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