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One hundred pushups!

I don’t really get where all the fear for the dentist comes from, aside from the fear-mongering done in cartoons.

A couple weeks back I went in for my bi-yearly dental checkup. Because hey, insurance covers it, so why the hell not right? So I go there, expect everything to be “yeah fine” as it always is. After an intensive, intimate mouth-fingering session he concludes I need to make another appointment to get a little something patched up. There’s a tiny cavity starting to form in my bottom right, backmost molar. He tells me to hold up a mirror, and proceeds me to show how he can insert one of his tools into the hole and pull all kinds of gunk out with it. I start formulating innuendoes in my head while he explains it’s a “rather prevent than solve” kind of problem.

They’re pretty busy folk over at the dentist’s, so my appointment couldn’t be scheduled much earlier than today. And even then I had to wait an extra fifteen minutes because they never run on time. When it’s finally my time to get some shine, he asks me if I want anesthetics. No, that isn’t really needed, is it? Apparently some people, even with small-time cavities like mine, scream out in pain when the drill even as much as points at their teeth. I’m paying (not really, no) for good dental work though, so I might as well experience it in its entirety.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a thing, but it wasn’t all that bad. Not the most pleasant of sensations, but biting into an ice cream is worse. He went and removed some plaque between my teeth afterwards (he does this nearly every time I visit), and that actually hurt worse. Apparently my gums are infected because I haven’t been brushing just right, but eh, even without that the cleansing would’ve been worse than the drilling.

Had some decent jokes going before, during and after my mouthful of tools, so not a terrible experience overall.
~ Fang


  • 15/12/2013 (9:33 AM)

    Because teeth/gums/mouth is sensitive. And my stupid tongue won’t stop prodding any wounds in said mouth.

  • 14/12/2013 (12:35 AM)

    My dentist isn’t bad at all either. I have two though and the other one is not so great. Plus they’re kinda losing their patience with me. Ah well. The first time I visited him though we did get on okay and had some nice banter.

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