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Let’s talk parallax, because I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look hella sexy.

You know those scrolling backgrounds in 2D (and also some 3D) games? Ever noticed how some look layered? You know, the closest layers seeming to move faster than the ones far back. Like in real life. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, get off your ass and experience the world! (Or just stay put, hold your hand between your monitor and face, and then move left and right. Like I did. I may suck at life.)

Parallax scrolling is often used in games as nice graphical juice, but can also be heavily incorporated into the art style. A great example of that is this smoking hot piece of… sewer? As the camera moves, the background appears to move in the opposite direction… but not all layers do so at the same speed.

For Geomasteroids (God I need a better name. Maybe Geometroids will do. Suggestions?) I felt like implementing something juicy, and a star-filled spacey background was the first thing that came to mind. Of course, that needs parallax scrolling, because it looks way more lively and deep that way. Spent a chunk of time tweaking, made the stars move a little bit on their own as well. Here’s the end result (save for the slightly larger size of the stars so that they’re actually visible in the gif).

Pretty neat, huh? There’s still some adjustments to be made, and the asteroids themselves don’t yet look super good with this. (They seem really out of place and silly suddenly.) Nothing some terrible coding can’t fix though. Can’t get much worse than it is now.

Quick, give me some wood to knock on.
~ Fang


  • 21/12/2013 (3:22 AM)

    That looks pretty awesome. I’ve seen that effect before but didn’t know what it was called. It makes things look all 3D and awesome. Geometroids? I’m not too sure on that name either but it’s better than Geomasteroids.

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